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Best WhatsApp Spy Apps in 2022: Ways to Spy on WhatsApp

Best WhatsApp Spy Apps in 2022: Ways to Spy on WhatsApp

Last updated on 29 January 2022 by MSPYSYDNEY

Why Spy On WhatsApp Messages?

You might be wondering why you should care about reading other people’s messages on the popular messaging app and use whatsapp spy apps. Well, there are many reasons for wanting this information: Your kids could get cyberbullied and feel threatened by their peers; your spouse may have an affair behind closed doors without anyone knowing until now that he/she was being unfaithful – again! Or maybe one of those employees just kept leaking company secrets every time they send something important over Whatsapp…you never know what goes down when nobody watches out after them.


Here’s a summary of three monitoring apps for Whatsapp:

🥇 mSpy WhatsApp Monitoring Software – Compatible with all iOS and Android variations, WhatsApp message and make contact with undercover agent, no jailbreak, rooting required for Android. MSpy will enable you screen all WhatsApp records, instantaneous messaging apps, media documents, and media get admission to manage.

🥈SpyBubble WhatApp Spy Tool – Compatible with all Android and iPhones, WhatsApp message and phone spy, jailbreaking and rooting now not required, gives on line assistance via the jailbreak and rooting processes.

🥉 KidsGuard WhatsApp Tracker – Android four+, WhatsApp messages and call undercover agent, no rooting required. The app records all media files, even though the consumer attempts to delete them.

Compromising one’s privateness is illegal in some states, so that you ought to face capacity criminal outcomes, as well as financial and crook consequences. If you decide to perform any of these strategies, achieve this at your personal chance.


In this article, we can best discuss foolproof methods of spying on each person’s WhatsApp without them knowing. Here is a evaluation chart of WhatsApp spying equipment and strategies we’ll talk about:

Top Apps to Read Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Target Phone

WhatsApp is a messaging app that has garnered loyal users due to its security. 

What is the best WhatsApp Spy App? This can be a difficult question to answer. There are so many different types of apps on Google Play, with some being better than others depending upon your needs and preferences! Which one should you choose however? Below I’ve listed my favorites; each providing something unique that makes it stand out among its competitors:

  • mSpy
  • Spybubble
  • Hoverwatch
  • KidsGuard
  • FlexiSPY

How to Spy on WhatsApp Chat Messages With mSpy

The best phone tracker is here! Built with the latest spy technology and packed with some of our most lucrative monitoring features, MSpy offers something for everyone. It’s an app that can help you monitor your target’s WhatsApp used by them in real-time; 

Built with the latest spy technology and packed with some of our most lucrative monitoring features, mSpy is a one-stop shop for your WhatsApp needs. It’s an app that can help you track down any activity on their phone including calls made or received by customers as well! Yes – each data captured immediately so if this sounds like something up your alley don’t waste another minute; get started today

How to Spy on WhatsApp Chat Messages With mSpy

More and more people are using mSpy to keep an eye on their kids. The program can help you find out what they’re doing with WhatsApp, as well as monitor any other activity like media sharing or video calls that may take place between them and friends in real time so parents don’t have worry about missing anything important!

Physical access is required for Android users to install the app on their target phones. When it comes iOS, you can enter a user’s Apple ID and password without having access or being in possession of that person’s device – this will allow them root/jailbreak if they desire so too!


Merits of mSpy WhatsApp Spy App

To have a better know-how of mSpy first-rate WhatsApp undercover agent app, we’re penning down a number of its extraordinary WhatsApp spy feature options:

  • With its stealth mode, you can be sure about the secrecy of your venture. It conceals the app’s presence on the targeted telephone.
  • If you’re looking for the nice ROI, mSpy is the appropriate preference to make. Along with its WhatsApp undercover agent characteristic that lets you track all WhatsApp hobby, it allow you to hold tabs on other phone sports like name logs, SMSs, internet-browsing history, and so on at the equal value.
  • Apart from impeccable tracking features, one more component this is assured with mSpy WhatsApp tracker is privateness and information safety. All the facts is well-secured and most effective you may have get right of entry to to it. There aren’t any 1/3-men and women concerned. So, you could have the remaining peace of thoughts.
  • The great component about mSpy is its small size which has reduce-down the complete undercover agent app set up and set-up procedure as much as superb volume. The internet site claimed that simplest 5 minutes are required for this task. The declare turned into actual as it surely infrequently took five minutes when we tried it.
  • Live demo and 7-days loose trial centers to have a higher information of mSpy’s modus operandi.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS gadgets


We ought to admit that this WhatsApp tracker app has impressed us with its rate making plans. There are  alternatives to make and every choice is feature-rich. However, the WhatsApp spy apps options are most effective to be had for the top class model.

Basic: Costs you $19 per month for 1-month.

Premium: 1-month package costs you $ 44.78 per month, it includes the popular WhatsApp spy feature as well as other tracking options.

But, if you want to save large whilst enjoying the satisfactory-of-breed WhatsApp spy facility then you must cross for the 12-month subscription of the top class bundle. It will price you only $ 10 consistent with month.

The only thing you need to get started with mSpy on iOS phones is your target’s iCloud credentials. For Android, gain physical access and install the app from Google Play Store

Spybubble – Best WhatsApp Spy Online Tool

Spybubble is a popular spy app for monitoring WhatsApp activity. It allows people to monitor their partners’ chats without them knowing, and it has high-quality surveillance software that renders quickly with little detection from the monitored person’s end.

Spybubble – Best WhatsApp Spy Online Tool

One of its best features include being able to track where all your spouse or kids spend time when they’re not home – perfect if you want some peace!

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The spy app has many features that allow you to read individual and group conversations on WhatsApp, e.g., while also allowing users the ability of monitoring chat logs between boyfriends or significant others. The installation is straightforward with simple steps required by just entering a few pieces of information into their website’s form – no jailbreak required! In addition they offer this service for other popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger as well so be sure not to miss out if your favorite one isn’t listed here!

Though all of the things about Spybubble’s WhatsApp spy feature are impressive, there is a chance that you may be disappointed with what activities will show up on their basic version. We recommend opting for an advanced package if possible so you can get more information and trackers from your target Their average rating shows people who were satisfied enough after they tested out one week worth or less before canceling due to not meeting expectations in other areas such as battery life

Merits of Spybubble

  • Money-again guarantee.
  • Read all sent and acquired WhatsApp chats and spot call logs
  • See other social media messaging apps’ information
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Easy to use, good parental manipulate features
  • The UI is pretty simplified and trouble-unfastened.

We had been impressed with its potential to deliver the records without every body’s involvement as it ends in 0 records manipulation possibilities.


You have two alternatives to make to monitor WhatsApp activity.


  • $25.49 for 1 month


  • $50.99 for 1 month, $99.99 for 3 months, and $179.88 for 12 months. (Android)
  • $42.49 for 1 month, $79.99 for 3 months, and $149.99 for 12 months. (iOS)

The fundamental plan has restricted functions while the premium plan can fetch you a complete set of capabilities. Both paintings for one tool.

On the other hand, the premium  plan helps you to utilize all functions.


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